Take your streaming experience to the next level.

CrowdQuest is all about building relationships between streamers and their audiences through a revolutionary system of “quests”.

Viewers can offer digital credits in exchange for in-game and on-camera tasks and challenges, whether it’s playing a certain song or switching characters in game.

Streamers then decide which quests to accept or decline, receiving credits whenever a quest is successfully completed.

Our service gives viewers and streamers the opportunity to engage with each other on a new level. Sign up today and start questing!

What's your role?


Have your own stream?

  • Engage your audience while monetizing your stream!
  • Customize your profile.
  • Implement quest notifications on your overlay.


Love to watch?

  • Become a bigger part of your favorite channels.
  • Propose individualized quests.
  • See your quest in action.
  • Support your favorite streamers!


Coming Soon

  • Maintain quest parameters for your team.
  • Analyze performance and audience requests.
  • Brand-building opportunities!

How It Works

Propose a Quest

  • Select a streamer
  • Describe the quest
  • Offer purchased credits as a reward

Streamer Accepts & Completes

  • Streamer accepts the quest from their queue
  • Streamer completes the task in the allotted time

Credits are Transferred

  • The viewer confirms completion
  • The credits are transferred to the streamer
  • If a dispute over the completion of a quest arises, it can be sent to the audience for a vote.


Earned credits can be used to:

  • Propose quests to other streamers
  • Cash Out!

Streamer Profile

How You Benefit

  • Monetize with viewer quest proposals
  • Promote your schedule, social media, & more!
  • Engage your audience with streaming and quest information
Sign Up Now!

How To Begin

  • Create a streamer account
  • Customize your profile
  • Share your CrowdQuest profile in your streaming channel (e.g., Twitch)
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