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CrowdQuest is a service dedicated to enhancing the streaming experience for both viewers and streamers by offering unique ways to increase community interaction and support. Our primary focus is on quests.

Quests are tasks, challenges, or requests that occur on stream.
Viewers propose quests of their choice to Streamers using credits they purchase.
Streamers decide whether to accept or decline a quest. If they successfully complete a quest, they get the credits which can be cashed out!

Some quest examples are:

  • Win your next Fortnite match
  • Sing Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Jungle with Teemo in League of Legends
  • Beat the speed-running record for Original Super Mario Bros.
  • Get 25 new Twitch subscribers within the next 10 minutes

Currently, CrowdQuest is only open to those who have an early access code. If you have an early access code, please follow this link, indicate your role(s), and fill out the requested fields.

Yes, you can sign up as both a viewer and a streamer under one account. This will allow you to propose quests to streamers AND receive quests as well.

To propose a quest:

  • Visit a streamer’s CrowdQuest profile
  • Select “Propose Quest!”
  • Fill out the fields and send the quest

Credits can be purchased here

Occasionally, CrowdQuest will or will partner with select streamers to give away credits. These opportunities are infrequent and the vast majority of credits are purchased.

Through CrowdQuest’s payment processor, Stripe, major credit and debit cards are accepted as payment.

All payments are processed through Stripe and CrowdQuest does not store your payment information.

Streamers often share their profile link in the streaming channel or on social media. You can also search for a streamer's CrowdQuest username from any page.

To propose a quest to a streamer, they must be signed up for CrowdQuest. Tell them about #CrowdQuest on social media or in their chat!

If a quest is declined, viewers will receive the full amount of offered credits back from their proposed quest. There is no cost for a quest that is not attempted.

If a quest is not successful, viewers will receive the full amount of offered credits back from their proposed quest. There is no cost for a quest that is not successful.

In this case, a streamer will be offered a link for an audience vote to be shared in their chat. If the majority of voters indicate the quest was completed, the quest will be deemed successful. In the event a majority does not vote that the quest was completed or that there are no votes, the quest will be deemed unsuccessful.

Purchases are not refundable.

Nope! Proposing a quest does not have a fee.

No. The only additional charge for purchasing credits is sales tax, if applicable.

Currently, all users must be signed in to purchase credits or propose a quest.

If you would like to deactivate your account, send us a note through the Contact page

The best way to subscribe/unsubscribe is through the My Account page. Keep in mind, if you unsubscribe, you will still receive necessary email notifications such as purchase receipts, cashout notices, and security/policy updates.

The CrowdQuest team is currently working to integrate profanity filters into our offerings, which will be free of charge. Until then, you can opt to not utilize our overlay alert service, but still receive and act on quests.

A CrowdQuest profile is a view of a streamer’s quest statistics (how many quests were accepted/completed/offered). It can also display information such as the content a streamer broadcasts, their schedule, and more. From a streamer’s CrowdQuest profile, you can also propose a quest to that streamer.

To update your streamer profile, sign in to your account and visit your profile page. Click your username on your profile, update the fields, and save your changes.

The best and recommended way is to share your CrowdQuest profile link in your streaming channels and on all of your social media accounts to make it easy for your viewers to find it.

We also recommend occasionally posting it in your chat and reminding your viewers that you are ready to quest!

A viewer can select how much time a streamer has to accept their proposed quest. This can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

A viewer can select how much time a streamer has to complete their proposed quest AFTER the quest is accepted. This can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

You must use at least 100 credits to propose a quest. There is no maximum number of credits set.

We suggest keeping a window of the “Incoming Quests” tab up which will update when you receive a quest. From this screen, you can track your current quests or accept/reject incoming requests. Additionally, we offer quest alert notifications which can be displayed on your stream to notify you and your viewers.

We plan to add customized parameters which will allow you to prevent viewers from proposing quests under your specified credit reward amount.

Yes! And those promotional rates are always available. The more credits you purchase, the better the rate. Just visit the Credits page.

None, nada, zilch. There are no fees for a quest that is not successful, and your viewer gets to keep their credits to propose another quest in the future.

For each successful quest, the streamer will be charged a 17.5% transaction fee for the service.

When cashing out, every 100 credits will be exchanged for $0.90.

To cash out your credits, go to the My Account page and select Request Cash Out. Fill out the form, and your cash out will be processed. Keep in mind, only those with streamer accounts are able to cash out.

CrowdQuest plans to streamline this process and automate it further in a future release as well.

Currently, a cash out requires $50 worth of credits.

CrowdQuest is not currently available as a Twitch extension.

CrowdQuest credits are the only method of by which quests can be proposed.

Although we would love to extend a welcome to everyone in the streaming community, all users of CrowdQuest must be 13 years of age, or older.

To see and act on your quests as they come in, be sure to keep the “Incoming Quests” page open. You can resize the window to the size you prefer as well.

Your proposed quests can be viewed from the Inactive Quests queue. If a streamer accepts your quests, the status will update, and you can then confirm if the quest is a success or failure from the Accepted Quests queue.

A historical view of your quests can be found on the Quest History page

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