Privacy Policy

Please read carefully

The privacy and security of our users’ information is very important to us. Our policy applies to, owned and operated by Jars Group Inc., and by accessing the website, you consent to this Privacy Policy. This policy is set to describe what information we collect, how we collect it, how information is handled, and how it is used. We do not use cookies, and only track users to the extent necessary to utilize our services directly (by the use of an authenticated access token). We also do not collect payment information as this is handled through our payment processor, Stripe, as well as our tax calculation service. We will not permit registration or collect information from anyone under the age of 13.

Information We Collect and How We Collect It

  • Information is received as part of our registration process and account/profile management pages through required fields that are populated by the user.
    • Username
    • Display Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Account password
    • Date of Birth
    • State/Province, Country
  • A user may provide us with the following optional information during the registration process, credit purchase process, or account/profile management pages, with explicit consent:
    • First and Last Name
    • Gender
    • Address
    • How many hours per week the user watches stream on average
    • How many hours per week the user streams on average
    • How many years the user has been streaming, if applicable
    • The stream/interest categories the user typically watches/streams (Games, IRL, etc.)
  • If a user opts to authorize us to access the user’s Twitch information, we will collect the following information through Twitch API
    • Account information, including account id, username, and profile
    • Metadata pertaining to the user’s stream
    • Stream related metrics such as the number of followers, subscribers, average viewers, etc.
  • A user may provide us with other optional information, images, video, etc. to populate the user’s CrowdQuest profile.
  • We collect transaction information when transfers of CrowdQuest credits are made:
    • CrowdQuest credit purchases
    • CrowdQuest credit transfers to/from CrowdQuest accounts
    • CrowdQuest credit cash-outs
  • When a user visits our site, we may automatically collect information through server logs, such as:
    • What/When pages were accessed
    • Partial IP address of the user
    • The user’s operating system (User Agent Header)
    • The user’s browser (User Agent Header)
    • Where the user was directed to our website from (Referer Header)

How We Store It

We are committed to protecting data from being accessed or altered by unauthorized users. Information gathered by is transmitted through our Extended Validation SSL Certificate which utilizes encryption technology to establish protection between our web server and a user’s browser. Sensitive information such as passwords are cryptographically hashed with a unique, random salt; data is stored in an encrypted format; and personal identifiable information (PII) is stored separately from the user’s account information and cryptographic hashes are used to pseudonymize the PII. The data we collect will be stored for as long as the user exists on our service, until a user opts-out, or an applicable law or regulation warrants a change.

How We Use It

We use collected information to run our services as well as improve the experience of our users. This includes:

  • Personalizing what a user, logged in or not, sees when they access our website (profile information is public while personal account information is not)
  • Announcing new features/services/enhancements
  • Complying with requests resulting from valid legal process
  • Advertising or communicating marketing activities
  • Analysis on trends of our users

Data Shared With Third Parties

Any data provided to third parties will be limited in scope and anonymized by us (by the extent possible) before being provided. We will not share personal information with a third party outside of our company, unless:

  1. Providing that information is critical to running our service
  2. We are legally required
  3. It is permissioned by the user

Our website may contain links to third parties. We are not responsible for data provided to these third parties and each user should be aware of the privacy policies from the third party websites.

In the event that our service or company is purchased by a third party, information that we collected may be transferred to the acquiring company.

Right of the User & Opting-Out

At any time, a user may reach out through our contact form to:

  1. Request to view all of the personal data we collected on them
  2. Update data that is inaccurate
  3. Have the optionally provided data we collected on them, deleted. Data including username, dates of service, money/credit transfers, and email address will be retained.
Do Not Track (DNT) requests through a user’s browser will be ignored.

Additionally, regarding marketing or newsletter e-mails, a user can opt-out via the user’s account settings or through our contact form.

All requests and updates made through our contact form must come from the email of record in the user’s account and include the user’s CrowdQuest username and the specific requested change(s). We reserve the right to request verification of changes as we determine to be appropriate.

Notification of Material Changes

We may update our Privacy Policy at any time, and for any material updates, we will notify our registered users via the e-mail of record to each user’s account. The effective date of our policy is located below.

This policy is effective as of 1/26/2019.